c r e a t i v e   w o r k s p a c e   &   h o m e   t o   A r c h i t e c t u r a l   A n t i q u e s 

Art A Whirl 2016




The 1330 Quincy Building is located in the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Community, just north of downtown Minneapolis, two blocks northwest of the Broadway/Central intersection.  This 1907 building once was home to a coffee roasting enterprise and later became property of the Minneapolis Public School System, who used it to house overflow office and education equipment. In 2003, MPS took another space and 1330 Quincy became the new home to Architectural Antiques who reserved the top three floors for artists, creating a perfect home for the creative mind.

 Features of the warehouse include original turn-of-the-century brick and timber construction, hardwood floors, ceiling heights that range from 12-16 feet, and large 5' x 4' windows with expansive views of downtown Minnepolis.  An abundance of natural light fills spaces and hallways with textures only a 100+ year old warehouse can have -all to inspire! Housing more than 50 artists, photographers and other creatives, the tenants here at 1330 Quincy find new, unique and exciting ways to utilize the space and create exciting work.  





Northeast Minneapolis is an eclectic neighborhood where warehouses, factories and rail yards intermingle within the residential and business communities.  Over 400 artists reside within the revitalized buildings and create the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, designated so by the City of Minneapolis in Spring of 2003.  The artistic community is vibrant and rich with opportunities for all kinds of creatives to explore their craft and work with others.  


Building a more vibrant , diverse and economically healthy community through the arts

NEMAA, northeast minneapolis artist association, established in 2004 helps build this community through the promotion of the arts.   NEMAA provides a unique vehicle for members to show their work.  The provide a website and newsletter for members to share their work and accomplishments.  Each Fall, member artists  are invited to show their work together at the Fall Fine Art Show and in the Spring, thousands flock to Northeast Minneapolis to become part of and partipate in the nation's largest open studio tour, Art-A-Whirl, held the third weekend in May.