c r e a t i v e   w o r k s p a c e   &   h o m e   t o   A r c h i t e c t u r a l   A n t i q u e s 

Art A Whirl 2016

1330 Quincy Street Studios is excited to participate in Art-A-Whirl 2016.  

The 3rd weekend in May!  That's May 20th, 21st & 22nd.  

We invite you to stop in over the weekend and visit four floors of art, design, photography, fashion and Architectural Atntiques.

2016 Dates and Hours:
Friday, May 20th - 5:00-10:00 p.m.
Saturday, May 21st - Noon-8:00 p.m.
Sunday, May 22nd - Noon-5:00 p.m.

Some of the unique artists, businesses & special guests exhibiting @ 1330 this year!

plus Music at 1330Quincy for Art-a-Whirl Weekend

Friday Evening- Bruce Jandry (of Gourmet Jazz) 4th Floor

Saturday Afternoon- Ozmo Stone, Rock, Outside

Sunday Afternoon- North Meets Easts with guest Sarah Streitz, Outside


tennant artist

Studio #306

Nancy Grist practices both art and architectural design in a sunny third floor warehouse in NE Minneapolis. In parallel study, she is both informed and inspired by the physicality of human experience. Working primarily in pastel, oil, and wood, Nancy’s gestural approach focuses on understanding figural and structural form, qualities of light and color and subjects at work or play. She is inspired by the fresh waters of inland lakes and the people that enjoy them, exploring ideas of balance, strength of center, and connection through the use of poised form in play, pursuit, or prayer. She is also finds the dairy cows of Wisconsin irresistible.


Philip Noyed Art and Lightwork

tennant artist
Studio #301B

Philip Noyed is an American artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He creates photographs, light box illuminations, videos, paintings and mixed media installations marked by bold colors and high-voltage compositions. He attended Hamline University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies. Philip's perspective on art is influenced by living in Japan for three years where he studied ceramics, calligraphy and Noh Theater. He was the first American to perform at the National Noh Theater in Tokyo, Japan. Philip has shown his art nationally and internationally. Philip has won many awards for graphic design, digital design, video and brand development

Studio #403

tenant artist

3rd Floor

Margot Curran has an enduring interest in portraiture and painting, and looks to the Dutch masters first. 

She studies the animals we relate to: our pets, our toys, our relatives, real or imaginary.

Former Minneapolis resident, Margot returns for Art-a-Whirl to show off her paintings and see her people. She now makes mischief with her family in upstate New York. 

Peg Palaskas

tennant artist

Studio 401 

Marc Johnson-Pencook
illustrator, animator, & muralist.
2nd floor

Marc Johnson-Pencook is an illustrator, animator, and muralist.  He has a studio in his house in Golden Valley.  Along with his own ideas of fantasy illustration, Marc has been creating pen & ink illustrations for a series called "Reimagined Classics" where he's given the opportunity to interpret short stories by Mark Twain, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edgar Allen Poe.  He also plays the drums for his group, Ozmo Stone. They will be playing in front of Architectural Antiques on the Saturday afternoon of Art-A-Whirl.

Contagious Light, Artwork by Krista Wanous 

3rd Floor

Krista Wanous is a local Minneapolis artist & working art therapist. 

She believes "Art Heals" and has used that phrase as her life motto. In her pursuit to heal lives through creative expression she has traveled the world volunteering, teaching, practicing and educating, sharing her story of discovering the healing powers of art making. Her artwork is extremely healing and emotional to her, each piece inspired from a personal emotion or experience. She hopes to share those emotions with her viewers and inspire them to connect with their own interpretations and meanings. She currently works with youth in addiction and eating disorder recovery helping support their future pursues in the Arts as a vehicle for self-expression and understanding. 

Kathleen Scott
Studio #404


Art-a-Whirl Guest

Sandy Parnell  

3rd Floor 

Natasha Zoch

(copper and lace creations)

Studio 303

Danielle Schmitz
Art-a-Whirl guest artist
2nd Floor

Danielle Schmitz, a recent transplant from rural Wisconsin, is excited to participate in her first Art-a-Whirl!

She will be selling art from both digital and mixed media realms. Sourcing her own photography, she uses Photoshop to assemble surrealistic visions. She also makes original handmade collages, using clippings of paintings from art history books to piece together detail-rich tableaux.

Often she incorporates mixed media atop her collages.

Joe Donovan

Art-a-Whirl guest artist
4th Floor

tenant artist

3rd Floor

Lee Bass 

Art-a-Whirl guest artist
4th Floor